June 7, 2012

Stay Classy Pulpers

By: Paul Shipper




Adam Limbert said...

Hey everyone, come see how good this looks!

Paul S said...

Thanks Guys!

Peter Benzoni said...

Out of curiosity, is this available for purchase, where, and in what sizes?

Paul Shipper said...

Hi Peter... I guess it could be... Let me know how you'd like it size wise and will make it available on the folio store over at http://portfolio.paulshipper.com

Paul Shipper said...

Anchorman Caption Comp http://drbl.in/eoDe
Will be making this into a print if anyone's interested (Peter) ;)

Sonoma Bento said...

OH MY GOD! Stop being so awesome. Must get a print of this now for my office.

Sonoma Bento said...

Paul, please let me know about buying this print when you are ready to sell. My email is marquesmaverick @ gmail.com

Paul Shipper said...

okay! the print i s now available on the folio store

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