January 29, 2013


Issue 4 Previews

Promotional Work - Silkscreen Prints

Hand Drawn Creative is offering a 2 for 1 bundle right now on his Etsy Page.

You can buy both the Lowrider and Lounging Print (20x28 inches) 
hand pulled prints for £30 GBP $50 USD.
Each print has been designed, illustrated and printed by Neal McCullough 
in Seacourt Print Workshop in Northern Ireland.

Only 20 bundles exist and each print is signed and numbered.

January 28, 2013

Elders of the RuneStone

The epic superhuman action/character drama/horror series begins! The first day at a new high school is never easy, but for Scott Gardner, getting bullied, ignored by pretty girls and mugged is just the beginning. There's a psychotic slasher known as Smiley on the loose, a mysterious black masked vigilante is hunting the night, and a devastating meteorite is hurtling toward Earth with inhuman cargo. Who will be Scott's allies as he tries to survive? And what is their destiny? It all starts here!

Issue #2 Cover
Elders of the RuneStone written by: Quinn Johnson
Illustrated by:  Robert Atkins

Character Driven - A New Sketchbook from Brett Bean

Stay tuned for Volume 2 in February.

Fil and Mantis

Fil and Mantis, soon to be a Kickstarter...stay tuned!

Space Zombies

A new web comic in early production...

Promotional Print: The Mind of Tim Burton

As featured in our Tim Burton Show, Pauls' wonderfully whimsical limited edition print is now available for you to own for your home or office!

January 3, 2013


A preliminary poster design for Neal's first ever solo illustration exhibition that'll be happening this year in a new gallery space in his home town of Bangor, Northern Ireland. Follow Neal to keep tabs!

By: Neal McCullough