June 15, 2012

Magnum P.I.

By: Michael Penick




Adam Limbert said...

AGREED! I think you've reached the level cap, Mr Penick. Which is currently 60 I think.

Paul Shipper said...

If this was a monthly art Comp - you would win hands down...

Hefnatron said...

Absolutely amazing portrait Michael!

sammyshogun said...

GREAT!! :)

Sonoma Bento said...

o.O Ha ha ha, I love it!! Not only the supremely cool mustache, but the chest hair. THE. CHEST. HAIR.

Patrick Olliffe said...

Damn, that's awesome Mike!!!!

PENICKart said...

Thanks, peeps! THE. CHEST. HAIR! Who knew?

Tim Anderson said...

Haha, that's fantastic!

ginger odom said...

perfect -- absolutely PERFECT!

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