March 3, 2011

Princess What's Her Name & Earthworm Jim

By: Adam Limbert



Can everyone sing in unison with me...SSSSSEEEEEEGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAA.

Man this brings back memories. I remember this game blowing my mind because it was one of the first games of its time to take character animation to a more dynamic level. Aladdin kinda did that too on the Super Nintendo but Earthworm Jim was way ahead if it's time. Great pick Adam.

Anonymous said...

Classic! Love it!

Strange Kid said...

This makes me wish that Sega and Doug TenNapel would join forces again for a revival of the series. :D

Brett Parson said...

awesome!! One of my all time faves!-- the guy who did all the packaging art for those games was one badass mofo!-- great job man-

The Big Bad Book said...

Great choice with the fonts to give it the old-time alien movie feel.

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