March 29, 2011


By: Neal McCullough


ridd said...

Hahah! Awesome man. Love it.

xXStormCroweXx said...

omg this character was soooo funny in Toy Story 3 haha

you did an amazing job on this

elSloganero said...

So good. One of my favorites as a kid. You nailed it.


When I was around 3, this phone and the Fisher-Price pop corn popper with the little balls in it were two of my favorites. Some of my earliest memories were trying to figure out how the eyes moved on this phone, thanks for the great flashback Neal!

Neal McCullough said...

Thanks for the comments guys – definitely takes you back doesnt it!

I'm just glad I made the deadline for PIXAR month.

Cant wait for the next brief!

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