February 5, 2011

He-Man Vs. Skeletor

By: Jayson Weidel


James Williamson said...

I've been watching the cartoon recently with my kids and have 2 questions. 1) Would I look ridiculous with a He-Man haircut? 2) How in the world am I supposed to believe that the morons of Eternia didn't know that Adam was He-Man. I mean seriously, he's just a little more tan for Pete's sake! My wife tells me that I'm looking too far into it. She may be right.


I think the Eternians we're distracted by the lavender tights and soft spoken voice. No He-Man could possibly be that soft!


James, you might be able to pull off the bad-ass stach like Man-at-Arms. try it

Katy said...

Aw MAN I wish this were a real video game!! MOTU never gets any love. Kick ass image though :) Love it.

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